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Welcome to KnownClouds

KnownClouds provides web hosting that offers premium quality services from the day you sign up. We were founded on the principle that we will ensure you get nothing but fast loading website(s) and that your happy with the satisfaction of getting great quality. We aren't about having the most domains pointing to our server(s), but that we are about getting your happiness and ensuring you having the quality we aim for.

Our promise

At KnownClouds we promise to provide service with 99.99% uptime, 100% security and fast support. We guarantee for 0% data loss. We never sell / share your contact details or service information with anyone as per our Privacy Policy.

Our goals

What makes us unique is the quality of our servers and the way we treat our customers. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Our aim is to deliver perfect security and performance for every website hosted on our servers.

What we do

KnownClouds provides domain registration, web hosting, DMCA ignore Hosting, Cloud VPS and Dedicated services. We value each client and work hard to make sure everyone has to best experience possible with their service.

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